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In addition to 85% of SiO2 coating active ingredients, this product contains 4 nano-sized diamond particles. It forms the highest grade surface film with further improved strength, water repellency and flexibility. The high flexibility protects the film formed by tracking the expansion and contraction of the surface due to heat and other factors and the impact, and provides the highest beauty like a diamond for a long time.

How to use
after washing the car, polish the painted surface to make it mirror-like. Apply Diamond Coat evenly and gently by soft sponge or cloth. Wipe off with soft cloth three times to avoid scratches on the car. Avoid water, rain and dust for 2 hours after application and do not wash your car for a week. After 4 days, it will form a peak of water-repellent and super gloss.
Product Information
Package 50ml medium-sized vehicle installation requirement of 35ml, hardness 9H, durability 3 years (one maintenance per year).
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