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What is glass coating ?

The silica glass coating protects the paintwork of automobiles from acid rain and scratches, and maintains the original luster of the paintwork.

Glass Coating

Luster retention

Until the 3rd year, there is no significant difference in the rate of gloss retention between cars with and without the coating, but after that, the deterioration of cars without the coating will progress rapidly

Glass Coating

60-degree mirror luster

When a glass coating is applied, your car's painted surface will have a high gloss and a deep, transparent shine


Uncoated surface

Coated surface

Type of Coating

Characteristics of coating materials

Basically, there are 5 main types of car coatings

(1) Car wax

(2) Polymer coating

(3) Resin coating

(4) Glass coating

(5) Ceramic coating

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