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This is an original blend containing over 97% of maximum active SiO2. Realize the highest level of luster with real glass coating. We recommend this product to those who are particular about the highest gloss. Provides long-lasting, deep luster and excellent water repellency.

How to use this product
Before application: after washing the car, polish the painted surface to a mirrored condition. Apply Premier Base Coat evenly and gently with a soft sponge or cloth to the whole car. Wipe off evenly with a soft cloth three times, being careful not to scratch the car body. For maximum water repellency, it is recommended to reapply Premier Base Coat after two hours and wipe down as above. Alternatively, apply a coat of CARTENDER DIAMOND COAT for maximum strength (9H), water repellency, stain resistance and flexibility (5 Years).
Product Information
Package 200ml, 70ml (35mlx2) for medium-sized vehicles, hardness 7H+, durability 3 years (one maintenance per year)
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